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Also check out my blog, where I post updates, and other stuff which I haven't categorized below yet.

Current/Upcoming Projects:

  • todo

Previous Projects:

  • Vyew - An entirely Flash-based web conferencing app, that (will eventually) do everything! Collaberative whiteboarding, share all types of files (like Microsoft Word, Excel, jpeg, pdf, png, etc), even if some people don't have office installed, phone conferencing, video conferencing, and more...
  • Microsoft ISA 2004 Training - I work for Simulat and this used to be our main type of project. It is sort of a demo/training/simulator of Microsoft's Internet & Security Accelerator Server 2004.
  • SwfGuard - A 'SWF' (Macromedia Flash) file obfuscator. The problem with Flash, is that you can recover about 99% of the original source code (minus comments of course) from the compiled SWF file. Swfguard aims to 'obfuscate' the code, so that even if you can recover it, it is completly unreadable and useless. (NOTE: This project was retired)
  • SimNetwork - A simulaton of a real network, all in Flash. Currently we are using it to simulate SurfControl's RiskFilter, a corporate email filtering device.

Hobby stuff: