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Improved Visibility Helm UI Mod

posted Mar 22, 2012 21:14:10 by dhmholley
I've edited the UI image files to improve visibility when flying helm, especially at small resolutions.

I'd like to share this with people, but I'm aware that Thom may not want people messing with and/or sharing his art assets. Thom - is it okay if I make the modified image files available for download?
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EvanHawman said Mar 22, 2012 21:45:56
I'm not Thom, but that's a bunch of what we do here. Mods seem to waffle between being posted in Off Topic or Development so it's really your call. If this is something that you feel is a *fix* or an idea that Thom should perhaps consider implementing in the vanilla game (all with due respect, mind you) then just post it here in Development.

EDIT: An example.
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dhmholley said Mar 25, 2012 20:26:19
Well, on the basis that Thom hasn't objected and there are plenty of other mods like this: here it is:

Improved Visibility Helm UI.

This mod is a replacement for the UI image files in the Artemis\dat folder, intended to give a person flying Helm greater visibility. Much of the UI has been made semi-transparent and superfluous pieces have been removed. I would have liked to have given the UI a more thorough makeover as I am a bit of a usability/UX geek, but the image files used don't give a huge amount of freedom.

Instructions for installation are in the README file. I hope people find it as useful as I have. :)
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deathbygiraffe said Sep 23, 2012 13:17:22
Have you a screen shot, or possibly a default/improved comparison, you can share? I'm great at putting stuff in folders. I just suck at backing-up/changing-back.
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