Getting Started

  1. Download MappyWin32, note it also works perfectly fine for me under Linux via Wine.
  2. Download, and create a folder for it somewhere
  3. Start Mappy, and create a new map. Use these settings exactly:
  4. Choose File->Import... and select the 'tiles.bmp' file.
  5. You may wish to resize the tiles selector so that they are arranged nicely. Unfortunately it doesn't keep its size, so you'll have to do this if you minimize, resize, etc. Example:
  6. Start drawing your map! Don't forget to save often. You may wish to zoom in under MapTools->Zoom...

Setting player start

Use the tile which looks like the player's head (#449) to specify start location. make sure there are at least 3 empty tiles below it (or he'll be stuck in the ground)

Adding enemies

Use the tiles from #481 to #483 to place enemies on the map. Make sure they have enough clearance from the ground, or they will be stuck.


There are a few spells that can be used to get through levels.

Other Items

Post-Processing maps

I have written a tool which should hopefully take a lot of the boring work out of drawing levels. Basically, it will automatically add borders and tidy up your various textures. To use it, first export a MAR from mappy:
  1. File -> Export...
  2. Chek the 'MAR' box
  3. Click OK
  4. In a command window, run:
    For example, if you had a coolmap.MAR, you'd run:
       mapinator.exe coolmap 512 32
    This will generate two files:
  5. In Mappy, load the MAR files by choosing File -> Import... and loading the .MAR file

The above gets processed into the below:

Testing your map

To test your map, make sure you have all these files in the same folder:
Run the following in a command window:
  build.bat [yourlevel.MAR]
This should create a 'wizards_test.gba' files, which you can then run on your GBA/DS, or in an emulator (like VisualBoyAdvance or Mednafen)