Click on the screen to get focus then press left or right

Made a test using bitmapdata for a scrolling tilemap, it's very simple right now, the levels are randomly generated (they aren't very exciting), the tiles are drawn by me (hooray for programmer art), and there's no collision detection. It's always been my dream to do something like this, I know there are game engines out there, but they are always very low resolution (like 300x200 pixels), I want a larger area, like a real game.

The fps on the .fla is set at 60, on my slowish cpu I get around 20fps

Basically, the whole screen is one big bitmapData, and I am using BitmapData.scroll(dx,dy) to scroll it as you move, and every time you move 20 pixels (the width of a tile) I draw a single column of tiles just off the right or left side of the screen, depending on which way you are moving.

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Also, here's a little flash game I just wrote: Rider (Now uses blur filter if you have flash 8!)