Dave's Flash Stuffs

Here are some flash movies I have made. Some are for fun. Some are prototypes of things I've done for my job. My favorite is 'Painter.' You can upload your images even!

Download Flash 8 Player for free.

Flash 7

  • Realistic Network Cable - Some physics to make a realistic looking cable
  • Dynamicly Generated Network Diagram - A test of an algorithm to dynamically place network objects
  • Attractor Balls - Simulating physics, as if all the balls were connected to each other with rubber bands.
  • Test Application - When I was learning to use macromedia components. Later found out they were slow and sucky.
  • Shoot the Birds Game - Simple little game I came up with. Later I rewrote this for nintendo DS
  • SpaZ Game - Trying to port my dos game of the same name, haven't got too far yet.
  • Tilemap Game Test 1 - Test for a tilemap based game. just barely fast enough. Flash (7 and below) wasn't made for this kind of thing.
  • Network Simulation - Old version of our SimNetwork. Kind of neat, but no explanation of what to do.
  • Bouncing Rectangles - One of the first few flash movies I ever made.
  • Falling Boxes - Some falling boxes and stuff. Push them around with your mouse.

Flash 7/8:

  • Rider Game - A prototype for a more advanced game idea I had.

Flash 8:

  • Tilemap Game Test - Another test of a tilemap game. This one is much much faster thanks to some Flash 8 tricks. Haven't implemented as much as the flash 7 version, however.
  • Painter - Using new Bitmap features in Flash 8, paint a picture, then upload it to the server.
  • Threshold - Experiment using the new BitmapData.threshold() funciton
  • Landscape - thanks to this guy, generates a dynamic landscape using the new BitmapData.perlinNoise() function. See a Screenshot (1273x763 80KB) if you don't have flash 8, or have a slow cpu.
  • Voxel - I don't know what voxels are. But this looks kind of neat.
  • First Flash 8 Demo made with the real Flash 8 Authoring environment! Get ready for tons of overused filters!
  • Water Blobs
  • Number 8

Flash 9:

PaperVision3D (Flash 9):

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